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Western Hills Little League Fort Worth, TX

Western Hills Little League Fort Worth, TX


Below is a list of questions frequently asked by our parents.  Keep in mind, registration is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to and interact with local league officials. They have the answers. If you have a question not listed here, please email us at [email protected]

Q: What is the time commitment? How many practices and games per week?

               A: 3 events per week are allowed by Little League. During the spring this consists of 2 games a week and 1 practice, and in the fall it’s 2 practices and 1 game. Games are held on either Tuesday or Thursday nights and on Saturday. Practices are arranged by coaches, WHLL does not have information about times or locations of practices. T-Ball only plays one game on Saturdays, and practices are determined by the coaches.

Q: When is practice?

               A: Practices are arranged by coaches, WHLL does not have information about times or locations of practices.

Q: How does the team and/or local league communicate with parents? Does the league have a social media presence?

               A: Important communications will be sent through the website’s email. To ensure your receive these communications please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your email contacts. Our Facebook page is

Q: What does the registration fee cover?

               A: Registration fees are used to provide the children their uniforms. Fees are also used to pay umpire fees and the cost of running and maintaining the facility (utility bills and repairs). The registration fees will guarantee your child will be placed on a team, he/she will be provided a team hat and shirt.  Each player also receives a trophy/medal at the end of each season.  Spring season typically includes 12-14 games and the fall season typically consists of 8 games.

Q: What will happen during the player evaluations, and what should my child bring?

               A: Each player will be individually evaluated in the fundamental skills of baseball: Hitting, fielding, throwing, running
               B: Check your email for the correct date and time of your child's evaluation day. 
               C: Day of evaluation; sign-in at concession stands, every player will receive a number. This number will coincide with the coaches’  evaluation pages to help them with them evaluate the players. 
               D: Players will enter field and place helmet and glove in dugout. Parents will sit in bleachers until players are finished. 
               E: Players will be lead through a number of baseball activities. 
               F: Evaluations take 1-2 hours. Once completed, players are dismissed.

Q: How will my child be selected to a team, and when will the teams be announced?

               A: Within a few days of evaluations coaches will meet and hold a draft of all players.
               B: Once drafts are complete coaches will contact all players within a week. If a player hasn't heard from thier coach they will need to contact WHLL at [email protected] . We will then confirm player contact information, etc.

Q: Can my child play in a different division than the one for his age group?

               A: If you are comfortable with your younger child playing in an older age group we can move your child up. Older children CANNOT play in a younger age division. In the fall all children are moved up to the age group they will be required to play in during the next spring season. It is an important learning step for kids to play up an age group during that fall season. Especially for kids transitioning into a kid pitch division.

Q: What is the bat size requirements?

               A: Bat size varies based on the age group. Bats need to have the USA Baseball stamp on them to be used in our league. For more details please visit Little League’s Bat Regulations website.

Q: What if I don't live in the boundaries?

               A: Please email us at [email protected] for information about our boundaries. If the website says you can’t play with us during your registration please contact us for assistance.

Q: My child tried out last year, does he/she have to try out again this year?

               A: Yes, every player MUST attend player evaluations every spring.  This helps the league and coaches create teams that are competitive and as evenly matched as possible. Please email the league if your child cannot make the evaluations.

Q: I have more than one child, can they play together on the same team?

               A: If your children are in the same age group, then yes we will work to put them on the same team. If they are close in age and skill but are in different age groups you can contact WHLL about putting them in the division the older child is in. Older children will not be allowed to play in younger groups.  

 Q: Can I ask for a specific coach?

               A: There is a place in registration where you can make special requests. However, we cannot guarantee you will get the coach requested.

Q: How do I calculate my child's age?

               A: Please click here to determine your child’s age.

Q: When do we get our jerseys?

               A: Jerseys will be handed out before the first game. Exact times cannot be guaranteed due to the ordering and printing process.

Q: Will there be food at the park?

               A: WHLL runs a concession stand at the park. Please do not bring outside food or drink into the park. Exceptions are for the team snacks. Snack tickets for the players can be purchased at the concession stand. These tickets let the kids choose their snack and helps support our Little League.

Q: Does the team travel?

               A: Yes, many of our teams travel. You will not be asked to travel more than 30 minutes from our fields. Juniors and Seniors teams will play teams from other leagues and at times will travel more than 30 minutes from our home fields.

Q: Are there fundraisers throughout the season?

               A: We do not ask families to do any fundraisers during the season. The league does host fundraiser events such as a family fun night, and skills camps that we hope our families will participate in.

Q: Am I required as a parent to volunteer?

               A: Parents are not required to volunteer. WHLL is a 100% volunteer run organization so we appreciate all the help we can get.

Q: Can I coach my child’s team?

               A: Yes! When you register your child to play you will have the opportunity to volunteer to coach the team.

Q: What will my child need to bring to practice?

               A: Players will need to bring their baseball glove and helmet to practice. If you have trouble getting equipment, please email the league and let us know how we can help.

Q: Does each player play every game?

               A: Little League uses a continuous batting order, so all players will bat in the lineup. And each player will be guaranteed to play for 6 defensive outs for their team.

Q: Where can I find the Little League rules?

               A: Little League rules can be found here. Little League also has a rule app that is very useful, you can look it up in your app store.

Q: Will my player get to play with his/her classmates?

               A: The only team guarantees we can make are for siblings.

Q: What is an all-star, and how is the team selected?

               A: The all-stars are players selected by the coaches in a division to play on a league team in tournaments with the other leagues.

Q: When will the all-star team be announced?

               A: If your child is selected to be an all-star you will be contacted by the All-Star coach after the last game of the season. 


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